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pdf-icon Case Note: Recent Developments in Colorado Law Demonstrate Important Exceptions to the Collateral Source Rule
By Jonathan Abramson & Daniel J. Bristol
The Transportation Lawyer (July 2021)

pdf-icon Case Note: Vicarious Liability & Negligence Law
By Jonathan Abramson & Jordan C. Lubeck
The Transportation Lawyer (October 2017)

pdf-icon Small Wireless Facilities in Public Rights-of-Way (Challenges and Opportunities for Municipalities)
By Kenneth S. Fellman
Colorado Municipal League (October 2017)

pdf-icon Is Social Media the New Town Square? (A Primer in Social Media and the Law for Local Governments)
By Brandon M. Dittman
Colorado Municipal League (October 2017)

pdf-icon Drone Technology
By Brandon M. Dittman
New Jersey League of Municipalities Magazine (April 2017)

pdf-icon New FCC Rules May Threaten Local Authority (1129kb)
By Kenneth S. Fellman
New Jersey Municipalities (December 2013)

pdf-icon Will Technology Drive the Future of Trucking Regulations?
By Paul D. Godec and Bobby G. Riley
The Transportation Lawyer (October, 2012), Volume 14, Number 2, pages 43-44

pdf-icon Tread Carefully When Using Social Media in the Hiring Process
By Nancy Cornish Rodgers
(August 1, 2012)

pdf-icon Ten Little-Known Concerns For Employers About Social Media
By Paul D. Godec
(June 7, 2012)

pdf-icon Common Interview Questions May Trigger Employment Claims
By Paul D. Godec
(April 23, 2012)

pdf-icon New Psychiatric Standards Could Make Employers Crazy
By Paul D. Godec
(April 19, 2012)

pdf-icon New Case Challenges Public Employer’s Monitoring of Whistle-Blowers’ Personal Email
By Paul D. Godec
(April 19, 2012)

pdf-icon EEOC Findings on Employment Discrimination Based on Pregnancy and Care-Giving Responsibilities
By Paul D. Godec and Nancy Cornish Rodgers
(February 23, 2012)

pdf-icon “You Can’t Fire Me For That!” – Employee Discipline and Social Media
By Ken Fellman and Nancy Cornish Rodgers
WATOA Newsletter (Fall 2011)

pdf-icon Employers Duties Regarding Employment Records
By Paul D. Godec

pdf-icon Top Ten Concerns About E-Discovery in Litigation
By Paul D. Godec

pdf-icon Proper Employee Evaluations May Foil Discrimination Claims
By Paul D. Godec

pdf-icon Employees Use of “Smart Phones” May Lead to “Dumb” Over Time Claims
By Paul D. Godec

pdf-icon Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace
By Paul D. Godec
(October 2011)

pdf-icon Despite Dilemmas, Wireless Merger Likely to Get OK
By Ken Fellman (May 4, 2011)

pdf-icon Defensible Termination Decisions
By Paul D. Godec
Colorado Claims (April 2011)

pdf-icon Handling Criminal or Traffic Citations Issued to Commercial Drivers
By Jonathan Abramson
The Colorado Lawyer (February 2011)

pdf-icon Broadband in Colorado – Why it Matters to Municipalities
By Ken Fellman and Joanne Hovis
Colorado Municipalities (April 2009)

pdf-icon Zoning Ordinances for Wireless Communication Facilities
By Ken Fellman
Local Government Officials e-Guide to Facilities Siting (May 2009)

pdf-icon Highlights from the NATOA Policy and Legal Seminar
By Nancy E. Cornish, Esq. and Kenneth S. Fellman, Esq.
NATOA Journal of Municipal Telecommunications Policy (Summer 2008)

pdf-icon A Baseball Fans Assessment of the Federal Telecom Legislation Game
By Kenneth S. Fellman, Esq.
NATOA Journal of Municipal Telecommunications Policy (Winter 2006)

pdf-icon Emerging Telecom Legislation – The Challenging Road Ahead
By Kenneth S. Fellman and Brett D. Chardavoyne, Esq.
NATOA Journal of Municipal Telecommunication Policy (Winter 2005)

pdf-icon Challenging Federal Wiretaps
By Jonathan M. Abramson
The Colorado Lawyer (December 2005)

Straying Outside a Viable and Predictable Regulatory Framework – Is There Any Local Authority Over Cable Modem Services?
By Kenneth S. Fellman and Karen S. Ditzler
NATOA Journal of Municipal Telecommunication Policy (Spring 2003)

Local Government Involvement at the FCC – What Does the Future Hold?
By Kenneth S. Fellman
NATOA Journal of Municipal Telecommunication Policy (Winter 2003)

A Local Government Official’s Guide to Transmitting Antenna RF Emission Safety: Rules, Procedures, & Practical Guidance
By Ken Fellman & William E. Kennard
FCC and Local & State Government Advisory Committee Voluntary Guide (June 2, 2000)