Conservatorship / Guardianship

Kissinger & Fellman attorneys offer a range of services relating to guardianships and conservatorships. If an elderly person or family member is self-neglecting, refuses appropriate medical care or is the victim of financial exploitation, a court may appoint an adult person, usually a family member, as guardian for the individual or conservator for the individual’s assets. A guardianship or conservatorship may be either limited or unlimited depending upon the degree of impairment of the individual.

Our attorneys are experienced in designating guardians or conservators for individuals who are incapacitated by reason of degenerative age conditions, accidentally-caused conditions or because of a developmental disability, and who are unable to make decisions relating to their care and/or management of their assets. Specifically, our attorneys are involved in establishing guardianships and conservatorships, legal counseling and advising guardians and conservators in their administrative duties, and addressing issues relating to contesting of guardianships and/or conservatorships.