Motor Carriers and Commercial Drivers: Overweight Citations and Other Hauling Violations

Kissinger & Fellman, P.C., has extensive experience representing commercial drivers and motor carriers in civil, criminal, and administrative matters. Including civil cases involving catastrophic and non-catastrophic accidents, criminal and traffic citations involving: moving violations, speeding, overweight and oversize violations, permit violations, and federal motor carrier safety violations. Administrative matters involving: commercial driver’s licenses and matters involving the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Our attorneys have experience representing clients who maintain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Traffic citations issued to a commercial driver might also adversely affect the driver’s employer. We will ensure that you are properly advised of the collateral consequences associated with criminal or traffic violations.

Federal and state laws and regulations governing the trucking and transportation industry are complex and constantly evolving, making compliance difficult. Dealing with the substantial penalties can be expensive and time consuming for motor carriers. Furthermore, violations can lead to a loss of a person’s commercial driver’s license, jeopardizing his or her livelihood.

Many of our attorneys are active in the transportation community and members of the Colorado Motor Carrier Association.  Jonathan M. Abramson has been successful in defending violations, negotiating significant reductions in fines, and seeking dismissals. Mr. Abramson has published articles and given presentations on various issues facing motor carriers and commercial drivers, making him knowledgeable about the unique issues faced by these clients.