Probate Law

Kissinger & Fellman recognizes that part of the estate planning work done for clients may ultimately lead to having to probate a client’s estate upon his or her death. Probate is the process in which the terms of a person’s will are carried out by the Personal Representative (Executor). In Colorado, this is a relatively straightforward process involving lodging the Will with the court in the appropriate county, having a Personal Representative appointed, filing the required documents with the court and having the assets distributed by the Personal Representative.

Our Firm’s role is to help the Personal Representative through the probate process. Many times, the Personal Representative is a family member of the person who just passed away, so we take the burden away from the Personal Representative and ensure that all the necessary court filings are done. Additionally, although we are acting as attorneys during this process, Kissinger & Fellman recognizes the need to listen to and counsel family members through this difficult time.